Why can we say that a WordPress website is one of the best options for businesses with so much confidence?

WordPress provides an easy and manageable solution for any type of business. When it comes to small to mid-sized businesses taking into consideration the cost, ease of setup and manageability are more crucial than they are for bigger companies. Most businesses can’t exactly afford to invest in entire teams of experts to create and manage their website.

That’s our quick response in answering that question. However, we can expand further with 6 reasons why using a WordPress website is the best solution for any business.

Before continuing, we want to make a small but very important point.

When we refer to WordPress in this article, we are talking about WordPress.org – the free, open source version. We are not talking about WordPress.com which is the paid version, or also known as the blogging platform.

The WordPress.org home page

The WordPress.org home page

Now that we have cleared that up, let’s get into more details on why WordPress is one of the best options for businesses:

1. A WordPress website is cost-effective

To start, you need a domain and hosting. These come from a variety of providers, and with an entire range of costs, from $3 to $100+ for different hosting needs.

Domain + Hosting = A WordPress Website!

That might be oversimplifying, but not too much. Once a theme and some plugins are added to the mix, you’re pretty much set for a basic WordPress website. However, you WILL have to invest in your website to make it work effectively for you. There are a lot of free themes and plugins out there, but for more specialized or customized needs, premium (paid) ones are available and are recommended.

Still, the fact remains that you don’t have to pay for WordPress itself. Nor are they setting up limitations so that you have to pay more as you want to do more. This is often the case for WordPress.com, Wix, Squarespace, Medium, and other platforms.

The ability to find great, free plugins that enhance the functionality of your website is hands down a huge reason why we love WordPress and are able to build great websites for businesses.

2. WordPress offers flexibility

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are WordPress has an array of themes, templates, and plugins that meet your needs.


Need a simple informational website? WordPress works for that. Need to set up an online store and have customers easily find and buy your products? WordPress is an excellent e-commerce choice, especially with plugins like Woocommerce. Need WordPress to showcase your photography or design portfolio? A growing number of free and premium WordPress themes will let you do that with style.

Construction Company? Financial Services? Travel Agency? Restaurant? If you google “your industry + WordPress website” you will find plenty of examples of other companies in your industry who built their website with WordPress, big and small companies alike.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the “out of the box” version will meet your needs perfectly. With some tweaks and customization, it will fit like a glove. Especially if you entrust the tweaking and customization to WordPress experts, like our Enspire team!


Check out some examples.

Have a look at this curated collection of WordPress websites on the WordPress.org showcase page.

From big names like The Walt Disney Company to respected bloggers like Pavel Ciorici, from celebrities to technology from culture to education, there is a website for each. It doesn’t mean they are all good or beautiful, but there are plenty of impressive WordPress websites out there.

According to W3Techs, 33% of all the websites on the internet right now were built with WordPress. That’s the largest individual share of all other website building platforms.

3. A WordPress website is scalable

Setting up a WordPress site can be a significant investment for some companies, especially when you’re just starting out or refreshing your old website. You might not have the budget right away to build your entire ideal website. And that is okay!

You can start simple. Get a nice clean website up to show off to your customers. Then over time you can add what you need, page by page or feature by feature.

As your business grows and what you offer expands, you can add more functionality. What we mean by that is when a new need appears – say you decide to start selling your products online, so you can cover a greater geographical area – then you can add an online shop to your website, with all the “bells and whistles” required.

WordPress can grow with you to meet your business needs.

Something to note when using WordPress is that you own your own content and are able to choose where to have your site hosted. With other platforms they generally own the rights to your content and you’re held to their hosting capacities and requirements.

4. WordPress is manageable

You got your brand new website up and running! Now what? What do you need to keep it working? Does it require watering, weeding, pruning? To translate the gardening lingo into websites that would mean upgrades, security, optimization. There’s a number of maintenance aspects that you need to keep track of, in order to ensure that your website still works for your business. WordPress makes keeping track easy.

At first, it might seem overwhelming and confusing. But one of the main reasons we love WordPress is that it is not overly confusing for our clients. In fact, with a little bit of training, even the least tech-kind-of-person can learn to manage a WordPress website.

We care about how comfortable our clients are with their website and want them to have the confidence to use it as well. There are great resources out there on learning WordPress and how to use it.

What if you encounter a problem you don’t know how to fix? This is where the WordPress community comes to the rescue! There are numerous forums, blogs and even dedicated support teams that can help you manage their themes or plugins.

This is also something that we offer to our clients so we can be there to support and help them maintain their website.

5. SEO is a key benefit to WordPress

Being able to build SEO into your website with WordPress is one of the largest advantages over most platforms.

WordPress allows websites to use highly effective SEO plugins such as Yoast to gain control over targeted keywords. Additionally, it provides the ability to have an image SEO strategy with alt tags and unique image names using keywords.

Also, by being able to host your website with the provider of your choice, this means you have more control over your website loading speed. Slow page speed can negatively impact your Google ranking and your overall user experience — and you don’t want that to happen.

6. The incredible WordPress community

The WordPress community is awesome! It is growing and developing (ha!) all the time! The new versions of WordPress are getting better and better. From the designers working on themes to the developers creating plugins to content managers and SEO experts – the mutual respect and support are great!

We’re proud to be an active part and promoters of the WordPress Community both in Moldova and the Washington DC Metro area. We have organized WordPress meetups, facilitate trainings for local businesses, exchange ideas and encourage one another in our WordPress endeavors.

WordPress is becoming more and more powerful, and that’s in large part credit to the community of designers, developers, and companies that support it. We shouldn’t leave out the grateful WordPress website owners, too!

Is a WordPress website the best solution for your business?

WordPress allows you to build powerful websites, that work incredibly well even for business giants like Toyota, Sony Music and even the official website of the country of Sweden, BUT the cost, the ease of building the website and the no-nonsense approach to maintaining it, can accommodate even a beginner blogger.

Are you ready for a brand new WordPress website?

Want to find out if WordPress is the right fit for your business? Contact us for a free consultation to start the conversation – we’d be happy to help!