UX/UI Designer

Location: Moldova

Job Description

Your main responsibility is to design websites and applications (independently, and as part of a team). This entails the entire process: from understanding the client needs and expectations, to creating design solutions that meet those needs - whether it is creating wireframes, mockups, prototypes, style guides and assets. It also includes collaborating with the team on building the projects to the point of seeing them successfully launched.


Chisinau, city center

Working program



  • Implement a “solution-based” approach to every design.
  • Open communication utilizing Slack and Jira. Quickly responding to messages, even if just to confirm the message was received. Asking if something is not understood.
  • Completing tasks on time and with high quality.
  • Keeping track of hours worked on all tasks and meetings.
  • Pursuing continued learning to develop job skills, research industry trends and best practices, participate in relevant courses, and engage relevant community events that will grow your professional and design skills.
  • Effectively collaborate with other team members
  • Collaborating with leadership in order to improve processes and workflows.
  • Contribute with other skills (e.g. translation, copywriting, etc.) as needed by project.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Design programs: Sketch, Figma, Adobe Illustrator (others are encouraged)
  • Understanding of the web design process and workflow
  • Good understanding of marketing, business and user experience
  • Good understanding of User Experience design
  • Basic understanding of how WordPress and templates work
  • Slack, Jira, Google Drive, Everhour, and other tools
  • Communication skills, esp. the ability to explain design decisions


  • Flexible working hours
  • Centrally located office in Chisinau
  • Monthly stipends for learning
  • Work with a fun international team
  • Strong teamwork and work environment

Personal Qualities

  • Smart, gets things done
  • Perfectionist when it comes to design quality
  • Committed to following “best practices”
  • Passionate about creating simple, clean, and attractive UI
  • Willing to embrace the concept of iterative design as a means for creating excellent products
  • Enjoying teamwork and collaboration