Our Commitment.

Regarding the recent events in the US with the murder of black men and women due to police brutality and racial justice issues, we strongly believe that black lives matter and recognize there is a need for change. Over the past few weeks, we have taken time to listen, reflect, and learn. 

While we don’t fully understand the complexity of the systemic issues facing the black community, we recognize that change begins with us as individuals, as leaders, and within our organization especially in the creative and tech industry. We are making a commitment to use what we are learning to inform ongoing, long-term changes in the way we partner, hire, and lead.

As Enspire Creative, we commit to…

  • Updating our policies, employee handbook, and training processes to improve how we approach diversity and inclusion within our organization.
  • Providing ongoing resources and education for our team to continue to learn and keep ourselves accountable to build diversity and inclusion in our work culture.
  • Seeking greater diversity on our team by ensuring we are attracting and considering job applicants from under-represented groups.
  • Partnering with black-led businesses that offer similar or complementary services.
  • Pursuing partnerships with nonprofits focused on the education and empowerment of minority communities, offering our technical skills and experience in service to their mission.


We invite you to partner with us and hold us accountable to living out this commitment in the days, months, and years ahead.

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