It all Begins with Discovery.

Understanding your goals and aligning your vision for how your brand and website will propel your organization into the future is critical to delivering you a powerful and satisfying final product.

It all Begins with Discovery. hero icon

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What is Discovery?

The purpose of Discovery is to begin each project with an initial phase of exploration, followed by clarification. We want to better understand where you are and what your goals are for the future. We analyze data & information from you and your industry. We look at the status quo, unmet desires, pain points, and your vision for the future.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this phase. It aligns our team with yours to collaborate and provide consultative value as a byproduct of our strategic analysis and audit of your business, target audience, messaging, brand, and current (or competitor) website.

Why would I need Discovery?

If you are finding yourself considering questions about how to optimize your digital and online presence for generating leads, increasing sales, and overall conversions— Discovery is for you. This is key in laying the groundwork for the project and ensuring we are moving in the right direction to reach your goals.

Our Discovery Services

Treating you as the domain experts you are, we first listen and organize what you share about your organization and industry. After further research, we propose a comprehensive report, as well as cost estimations for the remainder of the project. We offer the following types of Discovery services:

  • Standard Discovery
  • Advanced Discovery
  • Advanced Discovery + SEO Audit

How long does this take? 

We recommend investing 2-4 hours into Discovery meetings, broken up over 2-3 sessions. The preparation of the Discovery report takes about 1-2 weeks with a follow-up meeting to review the report and plan next steps together. Overall, this service takes 2-3 weeks.

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