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Bring your team together by sharing resources, information, on-boarding, and education materials all in one place.

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Who is this for?

Professional Associations – we offer a solution to have one central location for training and educating your teams. The solution is to offer structured training online, providing an engaging learning experience. Leverage your knowledge and grow your business, all online. Track member competencies, provide education and make sure that your members are up to date with the latest industry news and legislation. 

Corporations – sharing information is hard and with so many channels for communication, it can be difficult to get your message across. Email is ineffective, however, platforms and communities provide much better mediums for spreading information. We offer an internal network (intranet) for you to post the latest company information, blog posts, education, training, company goals and more.

Nonprofits – reduce training costs by offering structured onboarding courses for your new volunteers and employees. Effective training can improve how well your organization performs and it will help with better fundraising.


Our platform solution is also great for:

  • Remote or decentralized teams
  • Member-based organizations
  • Franchises
  • University or Educational Institutions

Connect Better

Our aim is to bring your team closer together. As the world grows smaller, people are working further apart. With this, we face the challenge of having decentralized teams in different locations. This causes a lack of information sharing, poor communication, and training difficult to complete. We aim to solve these problems with our all in one platform. It will be a way for you to communicate the company’s vision and goals, what's happening internally, and to provide training and much more.

Portal Solutions

eLearning – we will set up an eLearning platform (using Learndash) and help you craft and create courses to train your teams. You can track user progress, score their performance, provide them with badges and certifications all online.

Intranet – Create a central location that provides access, information, resources, and trainings with one tool that is easy to manage as a general website.

Custom built to your specific organization needs, we can help you build a platform that will save time, reduce redundancies, foster collaboration – which leads to productive and easy information sharing.

Key Features

  • Built on WordPress – Easy to manage!
  • Easily create courses to train your staff
  • Track user progress and course effectiveness
  • Membership – MemberPress
  • Data Visualization (Map feature, databases, contacts..etc)
  • Subscriptions, Memberships, and E-Commerce

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