Online Blended Training Portal.

Bring everyone together with a custom online training portal that increases impact without increasing overhead.

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Combining Your On-Demand Content + Live Training.

Ideal for non-profits, professional trainers, and HR executives.

Are you ready to increase the capacity and profitability of your training activities, while eliminating the frustrations of administering and managing the process? 

Crucial to the challenges we are all facing today, our learning management solution enables organizations to efficiently and enjoyably facilitate training, share resources, and enable collaboration remotely.

Customized Connection.

Our aim is to bring your team closer together. As the world grows smaller, people are working further apart. With this, we face the challenge of having decentralized teams in different locations. This causes a lack of information sharing, poor communication, and training difficult to complete. We aim to solve these problems with our all in one platform. It will be a way for you to communicate the company’s vision and goals, what's happening internally, and to provide training and much more.

How Has This Solution Benefited Others?

  • Increased Profitability of the Organization
  • Increased Output Capacity While Maintaining Team Size
  • Work Became More Enjoyable and Meaningful
  • Improved Decision Making Through Business Intelligence
  • Increased Quality of Training Services

Key Features.

  • Easy for administrators to manage and monitor
  • Quickly create courses to train your staff or clients
  • Track user progress and course effectiveness
  • Group members to show relevant content
  • Enable users to view and interact with data (maps, resources, contacts,etc.)
  • Require payment for access to the portal or specific content

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