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We provide creative and functional website design and development to meet your unique business needs. We use WordPress as it is cost-effective, offers flexibility, is scalable, and easy to manage once it is developed.

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Why would I need this?

Websites are meant to enable users to solve a problem intuitively and enjoyably. We design and build websites that get results and are easy to navigate. We also build sites with you in mind, so you can easily maintain, update, and grow your site with your business.

What's included?

Building off the recommendations from the Discovery Report and the new branding, our UX/UI designers start the process of creating your website by defining how your users will interact with the site and their intended outcomes. A beautiful and functional design is then built around these priorities, which is presented to you for approval. From here, our technical team develops your new WordPress website to maximize both the features of the site as well as the easiness to administer and edit the site going forward.

How long does this take?

The Website Design process usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on the scope of your project. Swift and clear feedback from you on the designs helps move the process along quickly. Larger projects may take more time and collaboration. Overall, in addition to Website Development, this whole step in the process typically takes between 3-5 weeks. The timing of the project will be established with a project manager based on deliverables and goals set.

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