Pay Per Click advertising, also known as PPC is a valuable tool as part of your marketing strategy. PPC advertising provides you with exposure to your target audience and a good PPC campaign can provide a great ROI on your marketing investment.

One advantage of PPC is that you only get charged when someone actually clicks on your advert or link. PPC advertising can be done on a variety of networks, the most common would be with GoogleBing, and Yahoo search engines.

Some would also argue that paid social media would fall under PPC, however, at Enspire we focus on Google Ads as they can provide the best return for your PPC marketing spend (we also offer paid social advertising separately).

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

There are different types of PPC ads, but the most common is the paid search ad. These are ads that appear when people are searching for specific things online using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. For example, this could be someone searching for a hairdresser in the local area, looking for a specific product, or even a restaurant. With PPC ads your advert will be shown in the search results at the top of the page if it matches the keywords or keyphrases entered in search networks.

With PPC advertising, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert, hence the name “pay-per-click”, making PPC advertising a very profitable option for many businesses. The most common place that PPC ads are used is with the Google search engine as it has around 70% of the total search engine market. This is why most PPC management agencies will put a focus on Google Ads.

Why PPC & Google Ads Services?

PPC advertising can make sense for a wide range of businesses. There are huge opportunities to directly reach customers looking for your products or services online. Unlike traditional marketing PPC advertising offers a lot of data and insights, making performance easy to track and budgets easier to manage.

An agency that manages your ad spend will know the best strategies to maximize your marketing spend. They will also know how to optimize your adverts, choose the correct keywords, and set up the right targeting. If you’re new to PPC ads we highly recommend looking into PPC management services.

Next, we look at 7 reasons why you need PPC advertising below.

7 reasons to use PPC advertising

There are a large number of benefits to using PPC advertising, below we list the 7 most important reasons why you should consider using PPC advertising for your business.

1. Get first-page exposure in search engines

With Google paid ads you will be on the first page of the search results without having to rank with SEO. This means you will have maximum exposure for specific keywords that you want to be known for. This can also help increase your brand recognition, which is an important factor when people are purchasing from you online.

2. Immediate traffic

You can get traffic to your website immediately. Unlike SEO which requires a longer-term strategy and good content marketing, with PPC ads you can immediately be found for keywords that you want to rank for.

This means you can still compete with your competitors for relevant search terms. It’s perfect for websites that have little or no traffic, and great if you are launching a new service or product.

3. Hyper-targeted traffic

PPC gives you the opportunity to target specific keywords, giving you highly qualified leads, as those users are already searching for what you may be offering. More targeted traffic means better quality prospects which should equate to a higher number of conversions.

4. You can track results

One great thing about digital marketing and advertising is the use of analytics. Unlike traditional marketing, you can easily see metrics related to your ad performance. This will allow you to adjust ads, remove those that aren’t performing well, in turn providing you with a better ROI than traditional marketing channels.

5. A/B testing

With PPC advertising you can A/B test ads to find out what variations works better. You can easily adjust existing ads, and you can change keywords with ease. This level of control allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your adverts, another huge advantage over traditional advertising.

6. Increase your reach

Google Ads can be shown in multiple networks, popular websites, and of course in search results. This can provide a huge amount of exposure for your ads. You can also select where you are showing ads, allowing you to reach different cities, states, and countries.

This means you could target people only locally if you have a physical store that people need to visit, or internationally if you have products or services that can be consumed anywhere in the world. As the internet becomes more readily available worldwide your target market will continue to grow.

7. Managing budgets

With PPC ads you can set up a monthly budget which means you can keep your advertising spend under control. These can even be set at a campaign level, so you can easily split your advertising spend between different ad campaigns. Even better, you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad.

There you have it, 7 great reasons why PPC advertising is a great marketing tool to add to your marketing efforts.

If you have no experience working with PPC ads we highly recommend investing in a PPC agency or PPC specialist to get the most value for your money. So what kind of services do PPC agencies or normally provide? Find out more in the next section.

What services does a PPC Agency normally offer?

PPC agencies can offer an array of services. A good PPC agency should offer at least the following types of services:

PPC Keyword Research

PPC keyword research can be time-consuming, but it is very important for the success of your PPC strategy. Your entire PPC campaign is built around your strategy. A good PPC agency will engage in PPC keyword research on your behalf to find the best possible keywords for your target audience and business needs.

Channel Strategy

An agency should review the different channels that are right for your business, selecting the channels that will provide the greatest ROI. Most companies will use Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and paid social media.

At Enspire we focus on Google Adwords (and paid social with our social media management services, using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin) as they offer the largest network and the highest potential returns.

Bid Management

Bids for keywords should be managed and reviewed, adjusting bids where needed in order to maximize your marketing ROI. Bids should be constantly monitored and adjusted, rather than just setting and leaving a bid, a good PPC Agency will make sure to monitor them regularly so you aren’t losing money over time.

Competitor Analysis

As part of the overall strategy, a competitor analysis should be completed to understand what your competitors are targeting. Keeping an eye on tactics and strategies utilized by competitors is important. For example, you can decide whether to compete directly by bidding on the same keywords, or instead targeting keywords a competitor is overlooking.

Ad Setup and Targeting

With the right keyword strategy in place, a PPC agency will set up your ads, and then they will use advanced targeting to reach a more specific audience. They can use audience segmentation, persona data, social listening, key phrase insights and more. This will allow for a greater return on your investment.

A/B Testing

Continuous review, creative development and testing of ads should be completed. This will allow for better campaigns. The data can then be used to understand what works for your target audience, allowing for better targeting in the future.


With any good service provider, reporting on results is super important. Make sure that you’re getting detailed reports with key performance indicators outlined. At Enspire we provide monthly reports and a check-in call to give an overview of what work was done and the results achieved.

Who should hire PPC Management?

While PPC management services may seem expensive, a well ran PPC advertising campaign will pay for itself in the long run. The following points would be well qualified for hiring a PPC Management company:

  • Anyone new to online advertising.
  • Companies lacking an in-house advertising team.
  • Firms without sufficient manpower to effectively oversee PPC.
  • Firms unable to afford database and software systems needed for optimal PPC management.
  • Firms looking to optimize and get the most out of their paid advertising spend.


If you’re new to PPC advertising, or want professional services and managed paid advertising, then investing in a PPC agency is a great choice for your business. Not only can PPC improve your sales, but it can also uncover more details about your specific customers and allow you to improve your overall market reach.

Enspire offers an array of marketing services with PPC advertising being one of our key focuses. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your company improve your marketing, contact us for a free consultation.