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ADDA is an intelligent watering system for small to medium home and business landscapes in Spain. ADDA’s smart watering systems are well-positioned to meet an important client need, saving them time and expense while improving the quality of their lawn and garden watering.

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The Challenge

ADDA wanted a brand that represented its smart water systems being new, fast, and intelligent. Additionally, it was important to have a new e-commerce website with the new brand and focusing on the why, not the how of their product. They wanted to have a website that was easy to use for visitors, taking them through the process of learning about their effortless smart water systems to then purchasing the product.

Top Priorities

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    Prioritize the “calls to action” for the site

  • 02

    Easy to navigate on desktop and mobile

  • 03

    Website should be easy to maintain and edit for ADDA

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The Process

We took ADDA through a Discovery process to understand their business and smart watering system.

The Solution

After having an understanding of their goals we created a new brand that then was integrated into the design of a new website, making it easier for visitors to navigate and ultimately make a purchase. Additionally, we provided training and documentation for ADDA on how to manage and edit their website once it was completed.

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The Results

Since the launch of their new brand and website, ADDA has an easy-to-navigate website making it easier for visitors to use and make purchases online and has included their rebranding on their smart watering systems.

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